Conference Room

Book a Conference Room in one of our 10 conference centers in our downtown San Diego Location:

Conference Details:

All meeting rooms are served by a dedicated support team and include: Complementary Internet, Water, Coffee, Sodas, Fresh baked cookies, Pads, and Pens. We work in a convenient downtown location, with exceptional spaciousness, design, technology and overall comfort, designed to exceed the needs of our clients. Full service technicians for your audio and video needs. Providing extraordinary video streaming and video conferencing quality for depositions, mock trials, focus groups, mediations, meetings and interviews. Private, comfortable observations room seats 5 at at computer desk. Double monitors for multiple audio/video feeds. Focus group room seats up to 35.

For further information and questions, please contact Sharon Sherr at (619)234-9100; [email protected]

If you would like to book a conference room at one of our SSCR affiliated locations, please click here.