Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters & Videography is a full support agency that can assist your team with every scheduling and service detail of your case.  Our certified court reporters, video technicians and trial experts offer the following services to litigators across the nation:

      • Depositions – State Certified Court Reporters and Realtime Reporters, Court Certified Court Reporters, live text, audio and video streaming with global connections
      • Conference Rooms – Depositions, focus groups, mock jury trials, private observation rooms for meetings, interviews and mediations. Over 100 affiliate conference rooms across the nation
      • Video Services – Internet video stream, synchronized transcript and video, on-site video duplication services
      • Litigation Support – Document production, exhibit preparation, OCR exhibit linking and scanning, load files, and case repository
      • Trial Support – TrialDirector, demonstrative graphics, database and exhibit preparation, master exhibit booklets, courtroom set-up
      • Video Conferencing – State-of-the-art rooms for high-def video streaming to any location
      • Transcription Services – Audio transcription of interviews, videos, arbitrations and hearings

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Schedule services through our Online Requests page, or through SSCR Mobile Office.