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Trial Support

Whether you want to use technology or paper for your trial presentation, Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters has you covered.  Our team of qualified professionals can assist you in preparation of document exhibits, demonstrative exhibits, video clips, TrialDirector, and much more.

Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters equips litigators with:

•Trial Preparation Support – Trial exhibit binders
Demonstrative Exhibit Preparation
Mock Jury Trials – our conference rooms are equipped with high-end videography equipment as well as one way mirrors that allow for counsel to view jury deliberations and provide pre-trial insight on juror perspective
• 2D & 3D Animation – make your jurors hear AND see the truth with 2D & 3D animation of your medical malpractice suit, personal injury case, and a wide variety of scenario replay
• Video Editing & Clip Creation
• PowerPoint Presentation – show the jury your case through PowerPoint. Summarize your opening and closing statements with an illustrative PowerPoint presentation
• TrialDirector – demonstrative exhibits that tell the jury the whole truth, in a compelling and visual way
Full court room equipment set-up

Trial Reporting

Trust SSCR for your trial and hearing reporting. Schedule a court-approved reporter today! Schedule our reporter for your trials and we will provide your team with a complementary war room for document storage throughout your trial.

Let Shelburne Sherr assist in:
•Developing your trial presentation database
•Presenting your evidence during trial, arbitration, mediation, hearings, or settlement conferences
•Produce and edit your videos.


The new way to present trials.  Your compelling evidence and impeaching depositions just came to life, right before the jury’s eyes.  Using TrialDirector software ensures that jurors hear the fascinating truth through the use of compelling visual aids.

trial director2

TrialDirector San DiegoTrialDirector San Diego

TrialDirector San DiegoThrough TrialDirector, you can create & display:

•Charts & Graphs – for complex financials, wage-and-hour disputes
Timelines – for breach of contract issues
Highlighted Deposition Transcripts – impeach your witness through “cutting out” parts of their deposition transcript and blowing it up in front of the jury’s eyes
• Scene Diagram – show the jury the incident scene, utilizing arrows to show points of interest and give the jury a real feel of what the scene looks like

Our senior trial technology consultant, Jeff Bennion, Esq., is a certified TrialDirectorjeff bennion Trainer and has assisted other litigators across the nation in conveying the fascinating truth to the jury.

a consultation with our industry expert to see how TrialDirector can take your case to the next level.



2D & 3D Animation

Bring the courtroom alive with our advanced 2D & 3D animation services.  Our team of qualified design specialists can assist you in preparing for trial by creating an animation of your personal injury collision, environmental damage, construction defect building, and much more.  View an example of an animation video used recently in court, crafted by our in-house specialists.