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Video Services

Rely on our team of experienced video technicians for your depositions and meetings. Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters & Videography has an advanced in-house digital videography team ready to capture real-life images for use in the courtroom and other proceedings. Our portfolio of services include:

Video depositions
Video time-stamping/Synchronization
Video internet streaming
Video clips and duplication
Day-in-the-life presentations
Courtroom playback

Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters & Videography is ready to serve you. Let us lower your overall videography costs, keep you more organized, and give you the speedy, accurate service you’ve come to rely on. Contact us toll-free for more information at (877)234-DEPO or send us an email.

Remote Counsel

Attend depos across the globe in the comfort of your own office!

remote_counsel_logo-transparentOur videostreaming and conferencing options help attorneys and law firms reduce travel, save time and save money.  Connection from your home or office is virtually se
amless from any device, including computers, phones, tablets and room systems.  Secure group and private chat is available to anyone on your team, even experts and consultants. Schedule your next out-of-town deposition, and we’ll waive your first remote connection fee! Schedule Your Deposition

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Our LiveConnect services will take your litigation work product to a whole new level.  Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters & Videography offers live stream video conferencing for witnesses, experts, and parties to be deposed via a secure videography program.  Save your client thousands of dollars in travel expenses by utilizing the power of real-time video technology.

livedeposition san diego shelburne sherr

• No software downloads – the program runs 100% over the internet and can be run on Macs and PCs.
Streaming Transcription Text – a Shelburne Sherr Court Reporter transcribes live testimony while you are able to view it. 
Live Videography – live stream of video conferences and deposed witnesses, with the ability to record it for courtroom usage later.
• Collaboration Tools – upload and download exhibits through the software to keep parties and counsel connected from miles away.
• Secure Instant Messaging – use Private Group Chat to get instant feedback from team members. 

Contact Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters to set up LiveDeposition for your next deposition. Email us today! 

Video Conferencing

Shelburne Sherr Court Reporters & Videography Videoconference Center is Your Worldwide Connection

Videoconferencing is not just a replacement for business travel, but an alternative form of communication that increases a firm’s productivity, profitability and competitive edge. shelburne sherr live deposition video conferencing

SSCR’s videoconferencing services include:
Select video conference room connection.
High speed ISDN and/or IP connection.
Multi-point service.
Digital video equipment integration.
Worldwide service.
Save time, money, and travel!

Schedule a Video Conference Session

Our convenient downtown location is available for Video Conferences 24 hours a day.